About Joe Platia

35 International Awards in Makeup Artistry, Bodypainting, and Hair Styling.

I.S.S.E. Merit Award:  Outstanding Platform Educator.

RTV Music Video:  Makeup Artistry Profile

ABC, “The Debra Duncan Show”   “I Love This Job”.

LA Times, Outstanding Platform Artistry” February 2001

   Photo Techniques Magazine:  Fall 2001 Issue 

Modern Salon Magazine, Digital Imaging, November 2000.

The Learning Channel Fall 2002

The WB, August 2002

Representing the U.S.A. July 31st, 2002 Makeup Artistry World Championships

Beauty beat and Spa Magazine         

The WB, Nov. 2002

The Learning Channel Dec. 2002

American Idol Live Tour Summer 2005

NBC Beauty Secrets, Philadelphia 2004

 FOX Good day Philadelphia, 2006

CBS Back to School Beauty tips 2005

Philadelphia Eagles, pep rally 2004

CBS Back to School Beauty tips 2005

American Idol Live Tour, Makeup Artist Service 2004-5

Representing the U.S.A. March, 2008 Makeup Artistry World Championships

Lifetime Television 2015

RCN Documentary "Joe The Makeup Guy" 2015

Lifetime Television 2016

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A deeper look into Joe Platia

As a child, I was probably the only kid on the block with a drafting table and a full arsenal of art supplies. At the time, I was heavily involved in pen and ink renderings and charcoal drawings. With the support of my family and art teachers, I have to admit I was quite spoiled, particularly by my teachers. While most kids would be in the front of the classroom making clay crafts, I would be in the back of the room creating whatever I wanted. I would re-create album covers in pen and ink, make photo copies for a nickel and proceed to sell them for a quarter so I had extra lunch money, particularly on pizza day. I must admit that some of my teachers were not as fond of my gift as my art instructors; I would often create not-so-flattering cartoon images of some teachers and leave them under other students' desks. (You didn't hear that from me.)

After high school, I began doing freelance art work such as T-shirt designs and company logos, but I never really felt that was the path I wanted for myself. In 1998, my father Joe Sr. approached me with an opportunity: We had a vacant store front that had been a hair salon, and he suggested to me to take on the shop as my own business. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea because if an employee called off, I would have to close the salon. So I reluctantly enrolled in Allentown School Of Cosmetology in Allentown, Pa. After getting comfortable in my new surroundings, I began to excel in my chosen career. After just six months, I was named "Northeast Student Of The Year." Two months later, I received the "Southeast Most Promising Student," a memorial award named after Carl Reese. After roughly three years in the industry, I received 28 International Awards in makeup artistry and hair styling. About 1 years year after graduating, I managed to arrange an interview with Playboy magazine. But my portfolio was greatly lacking content, and I couldn't afford to hire a photographer for the amount of work I needed to produce. I began attempting my own digital photography and, quite to my surprise, the images were pretty good. Then I started drawing my backgrounds on all my images to make them more vibrant and eye-catching. Upon embarking on photo retouching, I realized that I could not only do hair, makeup, and photography, I could do what I love the most -- my artwork. I then needed something more powerful in my imagery, so I decided to expand my makeup application to full body makeup (bodypaint). I could now capture some of the most unique and vibrant images with a fashion that would typically be impossible to create on a reasonable budget. You're free to be as creative as you desire. I could invision full body makeup being a very big part in the future of commercial fashion photo styling because of its limitless possibilities. It could be used in music videos, fashion magazine covers, even daily salon services for someone who wants a crazy pair of stockings or a painted accessory for a night on the town. The limits are only to one's imagination.

With the launch of my Web site in 2000, www.thehumancanvas.com, as well as T.H.C. Pro Cosmetics (The Human Canvas Cosmetics) www.howtobeauty.com in 2003, with all our add campaigns featuring full body art, the popularity of this type of imagery has done nothing less than astonish me. With an average of 45,000 visitors per month and more than 92 countries visiting, the market is there to be explored by those willing to embark on new mediums, particularly the most beautiful canvas in the world --

"The Human Canvas."

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Since it's launch, nearly 15 years ago I have had the pleasure to grow and learn and refine my skill set to a world class level. Having had the privilege of representing the U.S.A. in two World Championships at the OMC Hairworld Championships for aesthetics in 2002, and 2008. You never stop learning in the beauty industry, you just keep growing, and if your inspired, you continue to find ways to innovate yourself and your industry. I have learned never think about what I can't do, rather, tell myself how I can. Since the beginning of my career I have had the pleasure of working for The American Idol Live Tour, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Learning Channel, Warner Brothers, RCN, Fox, the Oxygen Network, and countless celebrity and reality stars,. I have had articles about my work published worldwide in such publications as Beauty Beat and Spa Magazine (Canada), Modern Salon Magazine, The LA Times, Pulse, MCall, and countless others. This journey has been such a wonderful experience, and I have had so many great memories making people feel great about themselves, as well as expanding my arts to even more mediums such as custom painting motorcycles, building and custom painting furniture and collectibles. It's been a wild ride growing, learning, and expanding. With the opening of Polished Spa, my new home base, I had the challenge of building nearly every aspect of my shop by hand. From the hand crafted furniture and fixtures, to even the hand built and custom painted signage, I had the ability to create a perfect oasis get away, for those of us who enjoy the feeling of being pampered. My passion for the arts and my craft are evident the minute you walk through the doors. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about myself, I hope you visit us soon, if you are not from the Pennsylvania area (U.S.) and would like to visit us please call for availability on the date you will be passing through. we look forward to seeing you.

 thanks again!

Warm Regards,

Joe Platia

"Living More To The Imagination"


In Loving Memory of my Father Joe Platia SR

I lost my Dad in Jan. 2015, if not for his love and support I would have never taken my career in this direction.

Thank you Dad, Love you and miss you everyday. 

Can't wait to be reunited again one day soon.

Love ya Paaw